Monday, June 24, 2019

Father's Day 2019

It's Monday night.  The older 2 had a fun first day at Southampton Summer Day Camp.  Amy is ready for the twins to start Tuesday.  It's going to be a warm week.  That's what it's supposed to be for camp.  Can you believe next week is July 4th already?  Sadly, once that comes, the Summer starts to move much quicker.  Back to last weekend.  

Sunday was Father's Day.  The older 2 slept at my parents.  We went to get them.  

 Ariel did some cartwheels for Aunt Judy.
 We packed up and headed to the beach.  Aden is finally pushing the cart!

 It was pretty windy and cool so the beach was empty.  

 Ariel was sooo cold.  
 But not cold enough for ice cream!

 We had lunch on the beach.  
 Jordyn helped us out for the day.  
 Aden and Andrew were throwing a football around.  There really was nobody on the beach.  It happened to land near the one guy out there.  He flipped out and started cursing at Aden.  Judy yelled back you shouldn't be cursing at a kid.  He jumped and ran over but the lifeguard got in between us.  That was pretty exciting!
 I got to relax a little.  
 It was chilly.  
 More ice cream!

 We swam a little.  

 My parents were nice enough to put together a last minute barbecue dinner for Father's Day.  
 We pigged out on the great food!

 Having fun Gwen?

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