Thursday, June 6, 2019

Beautiful Art

It's Thursday night and I am exhausted.  These pics are from last Thursday, Fri and Sat.  

Thursday at school.  
 Our sitter Allison had her prom that night.  
 So pretty!
 Heather and I took Ariel to day two of dance recital rehearsals.  
 We saw some people we know dance.
 Here are some sneak previews of Ariel's ballet number.  

 We were there for hours and they even took a break.  Why would you take a break during rehearsals?
 Friday Noah was intent on his magnetic blocks.  
 They played at the school.

 I thought this was crazy.  It was all over the internet.  
 Saturday morning, Ariel got her first trim in a while.  
 Then we headed to the high school to see the district art show.  Both Aden and Ariel had pieces there.  Apparently not everyone makes it in!

 We found Ariel's.

 Eli was so excited about the art.  He pointed to everything he liked and somehow didn't break anything!
 Then we found Aden's piece.

 Aden's girlfriend!

 A pretty decent pic of us!  Have a great weekend!

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