Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Is That a Tornado?

It's a warm, muggy and buggy Wednesday night.  I had to be outside for Aden's football practice.  I still feel like there are things crawling all over me.  We heard from the kid's counselors and drivers.  Camp is getting real!  

This was on Twitter last Tuesday.  That's Ariel!
 Tuesday night Amy and Ariel left me with the boys.  They went to the first dress rehearsal for Ariel's dance recital.  A 3 hour dress rehearsal!  Ariel of course had a blast.  She saw her teacher's daughter.  
 She saw Mara.  
Amy took some pics.   This is my friend's daughter.  Wow.  What a dancer.  
 This is Eva!
 Ariel doing her hip hop number.  
 While the girls were gone, the boys shared a black and white cookie.  
 We had fun without the girls.  
 Wednesday started out sunny.  Little did we know what was coming.  

 Eli went to the doctor with mommy.  He's had a lingering cough.  Thankfully it's all gone now.  
 Ariel had to finish up her bug project.  

 Eva and Gwen came for dinner.  
 So it got darker and darker.  We started getting dangerous storm alerts on our phones.  
 Didn't stop us from having fun.  
 The storm was huge!  This tornado was pretty near our house.  At one point is was 4" per hour.  Crazy howling winds.  
 We have been in our house 10 years and this was the first time we had some water in our basement.  Not even during Hurricane Sandy did we get a drop.  We know of others who had far worse flooding in their basements.  We were pretty lucky it was only in the storage area with the concrete floors.  

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