Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Spring Sing 2019

It's Tuesday night.  I finally found a song I really want to play on the guitar.  I worked hard with the teacher today and I got the hang of it.  Once I get it down, I will post it here!  Playing the guitar can be really fun when it's not super frustrating!  The twins are in their last week of school.  So sad!  The older two have another week.  Everyone is excited for camp though.  

Back to last Monday.  The twins had a playdate at Kennedy's house.  
 They went digging for worms.
 Find any?
 They were there most of the day!
What's so funny Ariel?  
Tuesday was the twin's Spring Sing!  They were so excited.  
Here we go!  They sang a bunch of songs.  

 Great job boys!
 Where are all those crazy people who think they look alike.  
 Then we had a picnic outside.  
 It's a really nice group of kids and parents.  

 They got presents for doing great in their show.  
 Eva and Gwen came for dinner.  
 Mark and I did all the cooking.  Boy those Brown girls lucked out.  

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