Sunday, June 2, 2019

Loving the Beach

It's late Sunday night.  We survived Ariel's almost 8 hour dance recital today!  Thankfully, we didn't have to go to all of it.  It actually was very nice and entertaining.  Just a bit too long.  Ariel did great and I will share pics and videos soon.  

Back to last Saturday.  It was still Memorial Day Weekend!  It was a bit chilly Saturday so swimming was out.  We headed to mini golf.
 This was the best out of about 20.  Sigh.
 The kids had fun though.  

 It was super crowded.

 And very expensive!

 Amy and I didn't play.  
 Eli was a bit scared of the gorilla in that cave.

 Ahhh.  Nothing like the Dairy Bar after a hot game of golf.  And look who we ran into, Ashley and family!
 Ashly stayed with us while her family went back to Brandon's baseball tournament.  
 Over to my parent's to play.
 We didn't do anything Saturday night.  It was very quiet.  
 It was a chilly day!
 Sunday was much warmer.  The kids slept a little later!  It was nice.  Amy thinks it's the beds.  I think it's the salt air.  
 We walked to the playground.  
 It was pretty quiet there.  People were headed to the beach early.  

 So the older kids had slept at my parents and did not want to come back so Amy and I headed to the beach with the twins.  I really can't believe we did this.  They are the hardest two to bring and we didn't have any help.  All three of our shore sitters were busy with with family stuff.  Well we did it.  We filled up the cart and headed out.  
 Over the new sand dune path which is sooooo long.  
 I didn't miss this part.
 All set up.  
 The beach was packed.  
 It was a perfect day.  We were so happy to be back.  
 The twins were in a good mood.  Especially after the cupcakes.  
 Alex and Andrew came for a visit.  
 They played football near the ocean till they nailed a kid in the head!

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