Monday, June 10, 2019

Elite Dance Recital 2019 Part 2 - Ballet

It's Monday night and we were just watching Amy's Bat Mitzvah video from 1991. Wow!  I will share some clips from that later!  I just have one word.  Shoulder pads!  Back to the dance recital.  We went home for a couple of hours and had an early dinner, then we headed back!  Ariel got to hang out with the big girls.  Amanda and Maddie.  

 This is Paige.  Her teacher's daughter.  
 Here is the big ballet number!

Here are a ton of pics.  Some are mine and some are Bev's.  

 I'm pretty sure this is my favorite.  
 Such poise!

 Someone likes the stage!

 Great job girls!
 Everyone back on stage for bows.  

 So excited!
 It was a long but successful day.  

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