Sunday, June 9, 2019

Elite Dance Show 2019 Morning

It's late Sunday night.  We did not go to the shore this weekend.  Too much going on at home.  I'm really tired so I'm posting a lot of pictures and videos but I may be short on the commentary.  gg

Last Sunday was Ariel's Elite Dance Academy 2019 Recital.  What a day.  The morning session was from around 10 to around 2, then the afternoon session was like 5-9.  There were 110 dances and Ariel was in 2!  Amy actually bought tickets for the twins.  She is nuts!  Obviously we got sitters all day.  Ariel was in both shows but towards the end so we were able to go a little after the show started each session.  It was at the same place as it's always been the Patriot Theater at the Trenton War Memorial in Trenton, NJ.  
 Our friend's older son and daughter were in a bunch of dances.  It's amazing how good the kids on the dance team are.  

 Then it was Eva's turn!  She did great!

Tot Finale, then intermission.  
 Ariel was having fun backstage but she came to visit us.  
 Then back to the backstage fun.  
 More older kids.  

Finally, it was time for Ariel's hip hop number.  The pictures did not come out great because of the lighting but you can make out her great facial expressions.  

Here are 2 clips of her dance.  

The end of each session they did a montage of songs from The Greatest Showman.  I only going to post a quick clip, but it was pretty awesome.  

Then they came out for their bows.

I know this a bunch of pictures of the same thing but I love Ariel's expressions.  She is obviously in awe of the big kid dancers and she's having so much fun with her buddy Mara in blue to her left.  

 Good show but we are only half way done!
 Ariel's teacher in the light colored dress.  She's been her teacher all along.  Stay tuned for the second session!

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