Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Memorial Day

It's Tuesday night.  We had an impromptu barbecue with Melissa and Mark tonight.  I love summer!  It makes cooking so much easier.  Back to last Monday, Memorial Day.  (wow I'm behind).  (The next couple of posts might be huge). 

We woke up with 6 kids in the house.  Luckily they all slept in.  
 While they played, I made lots of chocolate chip pancakes.  
 Trying on some makeup.

 We took the little ones to the playground.  

 Aden went to visit Amy's parents.  
 Last minute we decided to pack up and leave early so we could hang with Todd and Ali a little.  There was a decent amount of traffic at 2 pm, which surprised me as it was such a nice beach day.  Why were people leaving?  It was even warmer at home so it was really nice to get in the pool.  

 Such a diva.

 Ariel kept Todd busy.  
 She kept finding things for him to dive for.  
 Ali joined the kids on the trampoline.  
 Dinner time.  They literally threw it together and it was good!

 Ariel and Sammy were up to something.
 A surprise cake for Amy!

 Fun times!

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