Thursday, June 13, 2019

Goin' Buggy 2019

It's Thursday night.  We met up with Aden's girlfriend's family tonight for bowling!  The kid is 10 and has had 2 dates already!  We were all having fun then the power went out!  We were in the dark for a while, then just left.  We might try one more outing before Sydney leaves for camp next Saturday.  

Last Thursday we got this from Mrs. Gainsely.  Ariel passed her yearly reading assessment!

Speaking of reading.  I went into Ariel's class to be a secret reader.  
 She was so excited.  
 I read our favorite book, we don't eat our classmates!
 The kids are cute.
 Yes you!
 Here are some of the bug projects.  
 Ariel's was the most clever!

 Friday was the first grade Goin' Buggy show.  

There's our shy ladybug marching in.  
 The kids looked great!  So many bugs.

Ariel was so nervous about speaking on microphone but she did great!

Packed house.

 Our cute girl!
 The twins did not want to miss this.  
 Thanks for a great year Mrs. Gainsley!
That day also happened to be National Doughnut Day.  Yummy.  Have a great weekend!

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