Thursday, August 1, 2019

Basketball Medals

It's Thursday night.  We just had our lawn and house sprayed for bugs but there were so many tonight we couldn't play outside.  Yuck.  Here are some random pics from last week.  

Not sure about these faces.  
 Last night of basketball.  

 Both the boys played.  

 They finally did some shooting.  
 Ariel braided Hather's hair.  

 It was time for medals!

 Breezy Point Buddies
 So cute!
 We then went to Rita's Water Ice for Breezy Point night.  

 The twins saw their counselor.  
 What did Ariel get?  
 Playing with the neighbors.  
 Amy and her mom went to Southampton visiting day.  

Our little monkey.  
 Have a great weekend!

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