Sunday, August 4, 2019

Beiler's Doughnuts

Just a quick post for Monday.  The next few will be bigger.  Finishing off last week before the weekend.  

I had my yearly continuing legal education classes in center city Philly.  Six two hour classes to be exact!  I had to be in my seat at 8 am so it was an early morning.  I like taking the train.  I couldn't do it every day but it's nice for a change.  

My first stop is always Beiler's doughnuts at the Reading Terminal Market.  
 It's an Amish stand.  The doughnuts are made fresh right in front of the people waiting in line.  And there always is a line.  
 Here are some of the flavors.  

 Decisions decisions.  
 It was nice to see some old friends.  
 Not quite sure what to make of this.  
 There was some classes that made me a bit uncomfortable being a minority in the room.

Lunch was of course Dinic's roast pork.

 Oh yeah.  That's the stuff.  
 Had to top that off with a baked apple with whipped cream from the Amish stand.  
 Ariel and Ashley had their last book club meeting.  Then they hit the toy store.  
 I went out with Chad and Todd.  It had been a while.  

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