Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Stephan Jonas Walk

It's Tuesday night.  We were outside with the bugs for cheerleading.  I'm all thrown off, it all changed from Red, Black, White, Fight Indians Fight, to Red, Blue, White.  New colors this year!  Ariel's buddy from school is with her so she's excited.  

Last Sunday, at 6:30 am, I was on the Atlantic City Boardwalk with Ariel and the twins.  Aden and Amy blew us off.  We had a charity walk in my uncle's name that we have been going to for years.  

 There's the crowd.  Everyone is impressed every year that I get all the kids there so early.  
 It was sunny.  The best I could get.  
 I got to see my cousins.  

 A little beach time.  
 Then it was time for the run.  I didn't do this.  

 Go Jessica and Jake!
 I know Ashley.  She did well.  
 My aunt came in last, but she made it!
 Big Noah and little Noah!
 Ariel is just little.  
 Then it was time for the 1 mile walk.  
 It's pretty funny when you have a walk race for prizes.  
 Some of the kids ran.  
 We made it in 21 minutes!
 Then it was time for the 50 yard dash.  Ariel will be too old next year!
 Here they go!

Look at Ariel's face.
 The twins did well.  

 Everyone got medals.  
 Then it was prize time.  

 Olivia helped Ariel with her bag.  This was all before 9 am!

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