Monday, August 12, 2019

Pool Date with Sydney

It's Monday night.  We had a stretch of beautiful days.  That ends tomorrow.  Humidity and thunderstorms are returning.  This is the last week on camp!  That went fast.  Aden had a trip to Palace Roller Skating today but he chose not to skate.  Just hang out at the arcade.  I guess that's something to work on next summer.  We had an amazing weekend a few days ago.  I will get to that next week.  These pictures are from last weekend.  

Here's Lucy the Elephant in Margate in 1944 when a storm destroyed the boardwalk.  There is finally a movement to replace the boardwalk.  
 Friday night, Ariel read to the boys.  
 Saturday morning, Ariel strummed my guitar.  

 Shen then went to visit Cooper and Stella.  

 Aden's girlfriend Sydney and her sister came over to hang for the day.  
 Ariel and Allie had a great time.  

 It was cute to watch Aden and Sydney interact.  
 Showing off in front of her.  

 We walked over to my parent's house.  

 The happy couple.  
 The kids had fun in the pool.  

 Sydney started a rousing game of truth or dare. 

 Some underwater shots.  

 Riding the gator.

 Eli posed for me.  

 Tether ball!
 Let her win Aden!

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