Monday, August 5, 2019

Underwater Shots

It's Monday night.  Somehow we are fully in August.  We have friends that love in Atlanta and their kids already went back to school!  Florida will soon follow.  I can't think about that yet.  There's lots more shore to enjoy.  Lot's more Johnson's popcorn and Mack and Manco's pizza to eat.  I haven't been on my father in law's boats yet.  We haven't done our yearly trip to the Cape May Zoo.  I figure we have to go to the Ocean City boardwalk a couple more times.  Speaking of the shore.  Last Saturday we awoke to visitors.  Larry, Becky, Sammy, Daniella and Eden.  

 The boys went to the pool and the girls went to the beach.  We kept ourselves busy until the girls got back and had lunch with us.  
 Pool time.  
 We got some silly shots.  
 Look at Ariel!
 Eden is just younger than the twins and very cute.  
 A bunch of underwater pictures.  

 This thing is cool.  You can fly around the pool.  

 A quick visit with my cousins in Ventnor, in from LA and Princeton.  
 Chillin' with Israel.

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