Sunday, August 11, 2019

Mama Mia

Sorry, totally forgot to post this Thursday night.  So I might have to do an extra post today.  

This is all of last week.  I did not take many pictures.  I think this might be all of the Breezy Point Camp.  
 They made the hats.  
 Aden has been doing way more guitar than piano.  
 Amy and I went with Aden and Ariel to see Mama Mia at the Buck County Playhouse in New Hope.  
 Some nice views of the Delaware River before the show.  

 The show was great.  
 They did a fantastic job.  
 Playing Star Wars Operation.  
 Helping daddy make pancakes.  
 Showing off her new tattoos.  
 Comfy train.  
 I visited my grandmother.  
 During an ice cream social!
 Some yummy doughnuts before heading back to the shore.  

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