Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Pretty Backyard

It's a very stormy Wednesday night.  It has been pouring.  Tonight I went to the Apple store to have my screen replaced.  It stopped responding to my touches.  I still have a few weeks left of my Apple Care so it was free.  I wandered the mall for an hour without any phone.  It was really hard!  I definitely have a problem.  

Finishing off last weekend.  Sunday morning, Ariel and Eva got a fun boat ride with grandma and grandpop.  

 Watch out, Ariel and Eva are driving!
 We all went back to my parent's house.  
 Some Legos before heading outside.  
 It was a quieter pool day.  
 I made a picture!

 The twins are starting to swim a little without their swimmies.  
 Look how pretty our backyard is!  We hadn't been out there in a couple of weeks.  

 We had some Mack and Manco's pizza and packed up.  The kids played.  

 Then we went to Dairy Bar at 7, which is really late for us to still be at the shore on a Sunday.  


 It was packed there.  I guess nobody wanted to go home.  

 We left around 8:30 and got home close to 10!

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