Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Surfin' USA

And another huge post for your Thursday.  This covers last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today we took all the kids to see my grandmother.  They were doing exercises there and we all did it with them.  It was cute.  Then Amy took them to the Children's Museum in New Hope.  These weeks in between camp and school are hard!

Last Tuesday, the kids took their own pictures.  

 Then we went to the Margate playground.  

 The boys made a bunch of friends.  They are not shy.  

 A little snack.  
 Then we went food shopping at Casals.  
 Another quiet afternoon at the pool.  

 Watch out for Gwen!

 They were practicing for the Atlantic City airshow.  There were jets flying over us all day.  

 So sweet!
 Melissa and the kids came to hang out.  
 We played Scattergories!
Wednesday morning it rained a little.  

But it cleared up in time for Stacey's Surf School!  We met Ashley and Brandon there.  
Over the dune to school.  

It was a huge crowd.  Something like 60 kids.  
Ashley and Brandon were there all week.  We just signed up Ariel for Weds and Thurs.  
There is Stacey herself!
Ashley had some experience so the girls were split up.  That was a bummer.  

Ariel picked a board.  

Then she learned some moves.  
Here first time on a board!
Some kids went right out in the water.  
Learning to pop up.  

There's our little surfer.

Ariel's time to go out!
Here they go!

She almost got up!

We took the huge cart to the beach.  
We played with the kids for a bit then I walked down the beach about 10 blocks to pick up Ariel.  
She and Ashley had fun.  
Back to our beach.  

It was a pretty quiet day out there.  
Except for all the noise in the sky!  The air show was on from around 11:30-4.  Most of the action was in Atlantic City and kind of hard to see but sometimes the planes flew right over us.  

Sky writing!
Always fun to play in the ocean in low tide.
They insisted on riding the cart off the beach.  
We met our neighbors Melanie, Jason, Michael and Ava at the pool.  They were staying Ocean City but were tired of the beach.  
Lori, Ashley and Brandon came too.  

That night Ariel and Aden slept over Lori's house.  The boys went in early so Amy and I had kind of a night to ourselves.  We watched a movie.  The Favourite.  Very interesting.  

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