Thursday, August 15, 2019

One Handsome Dude

It's Friday!  And here is a little fox in our parking lot at work.  

Back to the Northampton Rec Center.  
 Ariel is cheering again with the Northampton Indians.  Coach Lynde is also back.

 The twins love the playground there.  

 Great cheer practice girls!

 Ariel's buddy Julianna is with her.  

 We went to Dairy Queen to celebrate.  
 We finally got camp pictures!  I'm not sure how they got Aden so close to Ariel.  
 They look so big!

 Speaking of big, we have cousin Alex's wedding in a few weeks and Aden needed some clothes.  Amy took him to the Men and Boys store in Huntingdon Valley.  He was reluctant at first as he says he doesn't like dress clothes, but then he got into it.  

 So handsome!

 Saw this beauty at the gym.
 It was not supposed to rain so I went and got my car washed.  I was going home when Amy sent me on an errand.  While out, it stormed for a few minutes, totally ruining my wash.  If I had just gone home, it would have been safe in the garage.  Oh well.  Have a great weekend!

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