Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Exercising With Other Bubbie

It's Wednesday night.  We had Aden's back to school night tonight.  Wow.  It's a lot being a big 6th grader.  So much responsibility.  They really want to get them ready for middle school.  They don't even have desks for their stuff.  They have mock lockers and will go to them between subjects.  Aden's teacher graduated with my cousin Larry.  They were buddies.  Small world.  

Ariel really wanted to take a guitar lesson but she's just too little.  Right back to the piano. 
Aden went to Dylan's birthday party at Sports Zone.  
He was excited to see his friends he hadn't seen all summer.  
We went to visit my grandmother.  
She was excited to see us.  

We all exercised together.  

Pure joy!

Aden was a good sport.  

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