Thursday, September 5, 2019

Open House

It's Thursday night.  Woo hoo!  Tonight we had Ariel's back to school night.  We sat at those tiny little desks.  Too funny.  She has the same teacher Aden did in 2nd grade.  She's with her friend's Mara and Mika.  We have a quiet weekend coming up.  For once.  

Back to last week.  We met some of the twins friends at Altitude.  

 The boys were very daring.  

 Ariel was a good helper.

 And a good climber.
 So sweet.

 A little snack after.  
 Then they passed out!  
 We had an open house at the elementary school.  
 It was good to be back!
 Our friend Amber is a new teacher there.  Ariel is so excited.  
 We ran into so many people.  
 Aden just wanted to play outside with his friends.  Have a great weekend!

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