Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Party On!

It's Tuesday night.  We hired the photographer for Aden's bar mitzvah today.  I have a feeling the next 2 years are going to go very quickly.  Anyone want to help me with my speech?  The twins are still going crazy at bedtime.  Any suggestions?  Let's finish off the wedding.  After the ceremony, we headed right in for the party.  The band was ready to go!
 It was a very pretty room.  

 Poor Mark had his two big girls to carry around much of the night.  
 Here are the new Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Porter!  Of course Ariel and Eva hogged the show.  
 Ariel loves the attention!

 I tried to get a shot of them in the chairs up in the air.  
 The band was great!
 Time to eat!

Back to dancing.  
 It was great to see Adam, the big college freshman at Auburn, and Brianna, who's turning 14 on Saturday!
 The band was so good, they got my mom to dance!

 Aden had a good time and even enjoyed wearing the suit.  
 But Uncle Mark helped him to get comfortable later in the evening.  

 The cake was yummy.  They gave it to us to take home because there was dessert waiting outside.  
 A Rita's truck!  Alex the bride even worked the truck a little.  
 It was refreshing!

 Then we went out on the patio.  Wow, look at that!

It was a huge tree.

We made smores!

 Back inside for more dancing.  
 I had to get my pic with the beautiful bride.  We had such a fun day!

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