Monday, September 9, 2019

Pictures - Cocktail Hour - Ceremony

All of our kids were invited to the wedding.  Alex and Andrew must be crazy!  We had no plan on bringing the twins.  But the day before they told us we were going to be taking family pictures.  How could we leave the twins out?  Amy ran out and got them outfits.  We brought our sitter with and she was going to take them home the second they lost it.  Little did we know, they would lose it as soon as we got there!  They would not pose for pictures.  Such a bummer.  Needless to say, they did not last very long.  

We were are the Hotel du Village in New Hope.  It was a beautiful hotel.  This was the best picture we could get of the 6 of us.  Amy says the twins have two years, till Aden's bar mitzvah, to get their acts together!
 They did look cute.
 Pretty soon, he will be taller than Amy!  This is the first time Aden ever wore a suit and I think he liked it!

 Melissa's family looked great.
 The flower girls.
 Pretty sisters.  

 The Browns!

 Behind the scenes.

 This was an attempt to get everyone in.  
 Sweet.  The bride with the flower girls.  

 My big handsome boy.  
 All my handsome boys.  

 We explored the hotel, then the twins went home.  
 The flower girls got presents.  
 Time for the cocktail hour!
We went over to the hotel for the cocktail hour.  It was so nice out, most people were outside.

Yes, that's Mrs. Maria!  She came to watch Melissa's girls.  

One dapper dude.

Alex had a dress for the cocktail hour to keep the wedding dress a surprise!

 Time for the ceremony.  I'm not sure who they had to pay for the weather but it was absolutely perfect.  Upper 70s.  Sunny.  No humidity.  The sun setting over the corn fields.

 Here come the groom with his mom.  
 Flower girls!

 The bridesmaids.  
 Here comes the beautiful bride with her parents.  

 It was a lovely ceremony.  
 Little Gwen.
 Alex and Andrew laughed a lot during the ceremony!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Porter!
 Get back to work girls!

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