Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Pink Guitar

It's Tuesday night, the first day of school, which I think went pretty well for everyone!  We walked up with the older two this morning.  It's nice they allow that.  We saw lots of familiar parents and kids.  It was also the first day after the redistricting so there were many new faces too.  I will give a full report when I post the pictures next week.  

Back to last week.  We had full week with no camp, school or the shore.  Amy did most of the work while I went to work.  Our neighbor Judy came over and gave Ariel a pink guitar!
 I'm really trying to have a musical family.  
 Ariel started cheerleading again!  We brought the boys to practice so they could play on the fun playground.  

 It is a big group of girls.  

 Noah ran off with these kids.  I had to chase him down.  
 Doesn't look comfortable.  
 Ariel brought salt water taffy from Ocean City to give out to the girls.  

 Someone had fun picking up school supplies.  

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