Sunday, September 8, 2019

Toga Toga Toga

It's Sunday night and the twins actually went right to bed!  Yay!  Recently they have been so wild at bedtime.  We had a nice, quiet weekend which was capped with a great Eagles win!

These are from last Friday and Saturday.  There are going to be a lot of pictures as it was finally Alex's wedding!  Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at Greystone in Newtown.  It was our first time there and it was very nice.  We brought Aden and Ariel.  
 Here's Melissa, Mark and I with the groom.
 Some of the cousins with the bride.  
 Ariel loves being at parties.  
 I believe Ariel is responsible for the following pictures.  
 Amy and I left the kids with our parents then headed nearby to Julia and Dave's house for a toga party!
 I think we did ok!
 Nice food!
 They have a beautiful house.  Most people were actually dressed in togas.  

 Saturday morning, I took the boys for haircuts.  

 Then to a playground.  

 Meanwhile, the girls were getting ready for the wedding!

 It was going to be such a fun night...

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