Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ice Cream Social

It's Sunday night and we haven't started watching the Eagle's game yet.  We will watch it on tape after the kids are asleep.  That way we don't have to watch commercials but it will be a late night anyway.  Go birds!  We had a very nice weekend.  We went to a pot luck dinner and got to swim a little today.  More on that later.  These are from Weds, Thurs and Fri the week before last.  

Wednesday afternoon Ariel had cheer.  

 Then we went to Aden's back to school night.  The 3 6th grade teachers did their presentation together.  They were pretty funny.  
 This was on Aden's desk.  We have to work on his grammer a bit.  
 They have tables, not desks so they can get used to it before middle school.  
 They have to walk to get their books between lessons like they would go to their lockers in middle school.  
 Rappy the Raptor.
 Thursday morning the boys were in school.  I have to meet some of their new friends.  
 Aden had his first flag football practice.  He's back in the Lower Makefield league.  The coach was new but Aden seems to like him.  He's not with any friends.  
 The Raiders again!

 That night we had Ariel's back to school night.  I didn't take any pics.  
 A pretty shot of my car and the school.
 The boys like to wrestle.  

 Fri we got brushed with Hurricane Dorian.  This was the longest Hurricane I can remember.  It had been threatening us for a week.  
 I got my front windows tinted in the rain.  The car looks so much better.  Why didn't I do that sooner?
 I passed a pool on a truck. 
 We got a new Amazon Echo with a screen.  The kids really like it.  They can see the words to the songs they request.  
 Friday morning, Ariel walked to school with Alex.  

Friday night was the ice cream social at school.  
 There were a lot of new faces because of the redistricting.

 Of course plenty of old faces.  

 Ariel had fun with Gulianna.  

 We found a picture of our sitter Shannon, who is now 19.  

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