Monday, September 2, 2019

The Shore 2019

It's Monday night.  We went to a lovely Labor Day party at Ariel's friend Mika's house today.  Before that, we lounged in bed.  Tomorrow all the craziness begins.  School and activities for everyone.  The last 2 days we got as much rest as we could.  Let's finish off the Shore 2019.  

Last Sunday, our friends from Florida left pretty early.  I took the kids to play mini golf.  
 My dad joined us.  
Noah takes it very seriously.  

 Amy's parents walking by with Cooper.  

 This hole was under water!
 There's Cooper.  

 Back to my parent's house to lounge around.  Amy and I went back to the house to pack up.  We had 3 months of stuff to organize.  
 We celebrated being done by going to Amy's favorite restaurant, Steve & Cookies.  She could live on their clam chowder.  
 We stayed up late just trying to take in the house.  We will miss it.
 Monday morning we got to say goodbye to Charlie.  
 Brandon and Ashley stopped by before we left.  

 Ashley got Ariel a friendship necklace that splits in 2.
Until next year!

 My parents and Amy's parents took a lot of our stuff and we still barely got everything left in my car.  
 I will have to go back to clean out the garage another time.  
 Bye house!

 On the way out, we stopped at Hannah G's for a late breakfast.  
 We were home by early afternoon. 

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