Sunday, September 1, 2019

It's My Popcorn!

Well we had a fun weekend.  Full of weddings and togas!  It's Sunday night and I'm so glad we are off tomorrow.  I need a day to recover.  Let's go back to last Saturday.  

I woke up with someone sharing my pillow and it wasn't Amy!
 The kids were up early playing.  
 Eli found something in the kitchen.  Nothing like caramel corn for breakfast!
 Hey, stay away from my giant bucket.  I'm not sharing!
 We stopped by Lucy to show Maya.  
 Then we went to the Ventnor playground.  I watched the kids while Amy, Erika and Mike took a walk on the boardwalk.  

 Maya took charge.  She gave Ariel a break.  

 Beach time!  It was a beautiful day.  Almost cool.  Our friends are from hot Florida and were loving it.  Mike and Maya took over the cart.  They big one I had rented was taken away.  
 I didn't take that many pics.  Eli wasn't feeling well and Noah was tired.  

 We had Dino's steaks delivered to the beach.  They loved them.
 Nice family pic!
 Maya in the ocean.  
 The boys were out of it.  While I felt bad for them, it kind of worked out for me.  There were tons of people on the beach I wanted to talk to.  
 I spent a little time cuddling with them.  
 Back to the pool for a little.  

 My parents had fun catching up with Erika and Mike.  
 Back home, I grilled up some dinner.  
 My family joined us.  
 Playing around after dinner.  

 We walked Aden to my parent's house so he could sleep there.  On the way back, we ran into Ashley.  
 The girls played for a while before we headed back to go to bed.

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