Thursday, October 3, 2019

13th Anniversary on Facebook

It's Thursday night.  These pics will finish off last week before we went away.  Those pics will take all next week to share.  

Picture day for the little ones!
 A game for Aden.  This one was a bummer.  His coach wasn't there so another guy took his place which was nice, but he kept his son in as quarterback the whole game, which wasn't so nice especially as he threw 6 interceptions, 4 of which were returned for touchdowns!

 It was my 13th anniversary on Facebook!
 Also on Facebook I got a lot of love for Bubbie.  
 Our gym just expanded.  I went to see the newly opened sections.  

 They did a beautiful job.  

 Piano lessons!

 Ariel's cheer practice.  

 Ariel is not a flyer but she's a base, which seems crazy.  She's so little.  Her competition is this weekend.  
 Have a great weekend!

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