Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fire Night

It's a stormy Sunday night.  And I'm not even talking about all the rain.  The Eagles are getting crushed on Dallas.  That's tough to take.  We had crazy Saturday.  Aden had 2 football games and Ariel cheered for 2 football games then we had dinner in the city.  Today we did nothing, which was kind of frustrating but also nice.  The boys had boundless energy all weekend and we are just exhausted from them.  We need to find a boarding school.  

Last Friday night we went to the Holland Fire Station for their yearly open house for fire prevention week.  
 First we put out some fires.

 Then we got our hats.
 And our cookies and juice.  Always ginger snaps and apple cider.  
 We checked out the ambulance.
 And the boat.
 Noah loves to get right on the fire trucks.  It takes Eli some time to warm up to the idea.
 We actually had some excitement.  The alarm went off.  There was a fire!  They got all of us into the building, got dressed, then ran off in one of the fire trucks.  It was an oven fire.  
 An update on Aden's Harry Potter Lego.

 Saturday, I took Ariel to an away cheer game.  Amy took the rest of the kids and met Melissa and Mark at Shadybrook Farms.  These are their pictures so I'm not going to comment.

 My computer is still not working so this is getting harder to do!

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