Thursday, October 31, 2019

Basketball Tryouts

It's Halloween night.  We finally got the twins to bed.  They ate way too much candy and were bouncing off the walls.  The weather people were totally wrong.  It was supposed to be a washout and some towns changed their nights for trick or treating but it was dry and in the 70's.  We didn't even need jackets.  These pics are from last week leading up to the Holland Harvest.  

A sneak preview of the costumes.

 Aden had basketball tryouts.  I was only able to watch a little.  I thought he was a bit rusty but he was very confident that he was great.

 I guess we will find out the teams soon.  
 The kitchen is always the center of everything.  

 Ariel had to make a poster about herself.
 A preview of Ariel's outfit.
 I think she was a cat last year.
 This picture was taken in the total dark.  The new iPhone is pretty amazing.
 Aden's first flag football playoff game was last Wednesday night.  
 It was cold!
 It was a blow out win for our boys!

 Game two on Saturday.
 Thursday night we met up with some of the twin's friends at the Langhorne Library to watch ET on an outside screen.  
 It was a nice night and there were even food trucks.  Noah wasn't interested but Eli really got into the movie.  He was laughing and asking questions about ET.
 Rolled ice cream for Ariel.
 Have a great weekend!

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