Monday, October 7, 2019

I Wish I Could Stay Forever

It's Monday night.  The twins will not go to sleep.  They have been in bed for over an hour and they are talking and singing and jumping around.  It really is cute if not a but frustrating.  Speaking of cute, we were walking into gym class tonight and the twins were holding hands and Noah says to Eli, "you are my best friend, I love you!"  Awwww.

Back to last Sunday.  We got up early and headed to breakfast.  
 I'm used to cereal everyday.  Not pancakes, waffles, French toast and endless amounts of chocolate milk, fruit, crumb cake, potatoes, bacon and sausage.  
 Maui was there too.  

 Big fish outside!
 We took a walk to see what was going on.  
 Go kart time!
 It was a big race!

 Aden totally crashed!
 Ariel raced in the smaller cars by herself.  
 Aden went again with grandpop Jeff.

 Then it was bumper boats.  

 Back to the playground by the lake.  

 I love this sign.  
 Let's get on the lake!

 Cute pic.  Aden is almost as tall as the Brown girls.  
 Everyone on the paddle boats!

 Aden then went out on a canoe with Jeff.  They were out for a long time!  They keep debating over who did the most paddling.  I would guess it was Aden!
 Eli waited for us.  

 Then we walked over to the pool.  

 Our bathing beauty.  

 More fun on the splash pad.  The twins got yelled at a few times for climbing up the frog's tongue.  

 Like the ice cream Eva?

 It was another beautiful day.  

 Dinner time!
 Then we saw a juggler.  
 The boys were not good at sitting at the shows.  Ariel went up on stage again!  I have the video if you want to see it!

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