Sunday, October 6, 2019

Back to Woodloch

Well we had an exciting weekend.  Ariel's team won the Bux-Mont Cheer tournament!  They are going on to regionals.  It's actually pretty amazing.  They beat out a lot of teams.  Speaking of winning, the Eagles had a good day today.  Speaking of weekends, it's time to start last weekend's trip.  The next few posts are going to be huge!  

Last Saturday morning, Aden had football pictures.  Then we packed up way to much clothes and way too much food and headed up to the mountains for our yearly trip to Woodloch resort.  The kids are Melissa were off Monday and Tuesday so it was a nice 4 day weekend to get away.  
 It's about a three hour drive and thankfully the kids did well.
 I had to look up what Fresh Oil and Chips means.  There were signs like this for miles.  Turns out it's a really cheap way to pave roads in the middle of nowhere.  They lay out oil then just throw rubber chips on top and wait for cars to come by to flatten it out.  
 The twins call this area the Jungle.  
 It was a nice day for late September!
 Back to Woodloch!  We didn't get near the lake last year because of the weather.  

 This year we were going try out that lake!

 First we took out some paddle boats.  

 Aden had a canoe.

 Amy and the twins played golf.

 And bocce.

 Then we headed to the pool.  

 The splash pad was open but sadly the big outdoor pool was under construction.  

 Then we checked out the indoor splash pad.  

 Ariel went down the big slide.

 Hot tub for kids!
 Look who arrived!  
 We walked around a little with Melissa, Mark and the girls.  
 It's vacation time, they needed that drink!
 All the cuties.  
 They had a Tesla charger for my car, which was awesome!
 This year we didn't stay at the hotel by the lake.  We stayed at a house a couple of miles away.  It looked small from the front but it was actually huge.  5 beds and 5 bathrooms!
 The kids wanted to make it look like they were helping.  

 We heard a lot of critters out back.

 Back to the lodge for dinner.  It was 90's night!  Where's Waldo and Judge Judy were there!

 Dinner was good.  
 Then we went to the indoor playground the twins have been talking about for a year.  

 Then some games.  

 Well hello there.  

 The night ended with a magician.  Of course Ariel volunteered.  I have a video but I won't bore you with it.  She is a natural on stage though.  

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