Thursday, October 24, 2019

Scary Haunted Hayride

It's Thursday late afternoon.  I just finished my guitar lesson.  I need some suggestions for things to play.  There are so many Youtube videos teaching you songs but I'm finding very few that can grab my attention.  I got the chord thing down pretty well.  I need to learn how to solo.  We are about to run to the Langhorne Library.  They are having a festival and showing ET outside.  I figured I would get a head start on this.  These will finish off last week.

This is in my way almost every morning.  They like to have the cars go down the slides and fly into the family room.
 I prefer when they play wildly at school.  

 Pizza night under the Sukkah at synagogue.  We go most years and we always reserved a pizza for us.  This time they just had a bunch of pizzas out, which were gone almost instantly.  I only got a bite of Eli's leftovers.  The desserts were the same thing.  They were gone fast.  

 The only thing left was water, which was fine by Eli.  He loves to play with the water dispensers.
 The twins talked to the rabbi.
 Aden and Sydney were there.  They always seem to be the center of their group.
 Ariel enjoying chocolate covered strawberries.

 Being silly at night as usual.

 Riding the zipline at school.

 Go Eli!
 Go Noah!
 An extra Friday night cheer practice.  
 The let us in at the end to watch the updated routine.
 We have signs now!
 The girls did great.

 Amy went with the 6th graders to Shadybrook Farms Friday night.  They warmed up over a camp fire.  
 Then they went on a haunted hayride, which Amy found very scary!
Goofing around on Snapchat with Ariel and Heather.

 Have a great weekend!!!

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