Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Rice Krispie Treat War

It's Tuesday night.  We did not go to Yom Kippur services tonight.  We will go to the children's service in the morning.  When the kids get older, we will all go to the regular services together.  Tomorrow will be hard fasting.  I also can't exercise which is a bummer.  Anyway, back to Woodloch.  This would be Monday.  

It was a little cooler.  We wore jackets to breakfast.  Noah likes his maps.  
 Jake was there!
 Train through the lobby.  
 Last year you might remember we participated in Cupcake Wars.  This year it was Rice Krispie Treat Wars.  
 There were a ton of teams.  
 Here we go!  The topic was tv shows.  We had 1/2 hour to turn a huge sheet of Rice Krispie Treats and candy and icing into something from a tv show.  We debated for a bit then came up with Mickey and the Roadster Racers.  
 Aden and Ariel ran up to the front to get the candy while Melissa and I began to work on cars and Mickey and Minnie.  

 That half hour went fast!
 Here are some of the entries.  

 Game of Thrones!
 This Homer came in second place.  
 Here was our creation!
 I think it came out cute.  
 It was a bit rainy and cold out but we went to check out the petting zoo.  
 And pony rides.  

 Some wet bocce and shuffle board.  

 We then headed to the indoor pool.  
 Look at these matching cuties.  

 I guess we will have to wait till next year to try the outdoor pool.  
 This came out cute!

 We spent most of the day in the pool.  

 Dinner that night we got a nice family picture!
 We saw the show, another magician, then played some games.  
 Eli was so excited for the dance party that night.  
 He kept running up to the dj and requesting songs!  

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