Thursday, October 8, 2020

All Four Kids in School!

It's Thursday night.  Time to straighten up for the cleaning lady.  I smoked a whole chicken for dinner.  I thought it came out amazing.  Amy still isn't sold.  She prefers it baked.  Back to last Thursday and Friday.  

Who is with me here?  The emails come hard all day.  
Thursday was Aden and Ariel's first day in school for the year.  First time since March!  I think Amy and I were just as excited as they were for them to go.  Aden spend the first 6 years of his school career walking to school.  Now he would have to take the bus but there are 3 other boys on the street and their parents don't want them to take the bus so we set up a carpool.  Aden was getting picked up at 7:45!  Big difference from the 9 he used to leave.  
He wouldn't pose so these were the best I could get.  At least Ben is looking at me.  
Boys get ready.  You time for you to leave!
Ariel has 3 other kids to walk with.  
We met at Ryan's house.  
Ariel had so much to bring, all her books and her computer, so she needed a roller bag.  
I followed behind.  

Ariel and Alex were excited.  

They ran up the hill and saw Mrs. Gainsley.  
Poor Ariel wanted to hug her so bad.  
Hopefully things are back to normal next year and the twins get her for first grade.  

The gym is still so quiet.  

That night Aden had tennis.  I saw this truck out front.  It belongs a guy that runs a tennis school.  I don't know if any of you have seen Cobra Kai, the follow up to the Karate Kid, but this is the tennis version.  

It was a big group of kids running around doing obstacle courses.  
It's hard to read but there were intense sayings all around.  
How is this tennis?

He then plays tapes of people playing and lectures them.  They don't seem to actually ever play.  He just kind of yells a lot.  
Aden has a one on one lesson.  

Cheer practice.

Homework time.  

Ariel likes to do cartwheels for us.  
She reads to me now.  What a switch.  
Friday morning, I peaked in the window.  Eli was flag boy!

I tried on new sunglasses.  
That night, Aden had a flag football game.  Amy took him.  I had to keep the boys entertained so I brought out the telescope.  
We looked at the moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.  

There is a camera attachment but I just put the phone up to the lens.  That's the moon!
Have a great weekend!


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