Sunday, October 25, 2020

Cheer Pictures

It's Sunday night and suddenly winter.  We've had a few cold days here and there but today was in the 50's and I think it's staying there.  Oh well.  It was bound to happen.  We have started doing some work to our house.  We got a new back door yesterday and the contractor is coming tomorrow to start our new mudroom, which Amy has wanted forever.  I spent the last few days cleaning out the garage where the mudroom will be.  I don't know I hadn't done that before!  It looks amazing! Back to last Saturday.  

I made smoked ribs again.  It's become my new favorite thing to make.  Ariel even tried and liked them.  
We pulled out the old Halloween costumes.
Here's a scary Hulk-Spider.  I will spare you the video.  
At cheer we took unofficial pictures as they are not having official pictures this year.  
Ariel will always be up front, she's so little!
Here's a nice group shot.  31 girls!
There's our girl.  
The girls messed around.  

Then the game started.  The team dog was dressed up!

Pyramid time!

The girls have so much fun out there.  
That night, Aden's bar mitzvah partner and his family came for dinner.  Of course the boys went right to Fortnite.
It was nice to get to know them.  We made meatballs!


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