Thursday, October 29, 2020

Scary Cupcakes

It's Thursday night!  Big Halloween weekend coming up.  It's a bummer that the schools aren't having their big parties but the kids are still going to dress up tomorrow.  We still don't even know if the kids are trick or treating.  A hurricane passed by today.  It poured all day.  So damp and chilly.  I can't wait to get under my covers!

One of our sitters got a new dog.  Seems everyone is getting a dog.  
Some funny things I found.  

Friday morning we got a pic of Honey.  Good morning!
Pick up at school.  The boys told Lina they were excited to go to her party.  
A surprise was waiting for us at home.  Melissa's Cupcakes from New York.  I ordered a bunch.  
Aden finished them off in a few days.  
The younger kids seem to like art projects and learning exercises.  

Our neighbors finished their mudroom!  It looks great!  The guys then headed to our house to start ours.  
The boys checked it out.  
We played outside their house.  

Alex came to sleep over.  Good timing.  She got some cupcakes.  
The girls watched a movie.  
Lol.  Have a great weekend!


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