Sunday, October 11, 2020


It's late Sunday night.  I don't know why I'm still up.  I'm so tired.  Here's a big post from last Saturday.  

The boys being relatively calm in the morning.  
We headed to Ariel's football game.  I love that the players have to run through the girls.  The announce the players names and the cheerleaders names.  

Ariel is going up!
There's our flyer!
Fiona is even smaller that Ariel but she's strong.  

Cheer girls!
Now Ariel is giving the ride.  
Aden saw a teacher.  
Thankfully there's a nice playground for the twins there.  
After cheer, we went to Dana's house for Sukkot, Halloween and Liza's 4th birthday.  
First some pinata.  
It was hard to break, even with Aden bashing it!

There's the candy!

They made a sukkah.  
They decorated all around their yard and hid some candy.  

There's something under the table!

Ariel even had a friend there.  

Chris took the kids on a haunted ride.  

Then a trek down a path to a creek.  

Aden actually came and had fun.  
Happy Birthday Liza!

Where's your icing Ariel?
Eli likes creepy things.  

I'm Ariel's base sometimes.  
That night we went with Todd and Ali and Howard and Felice to an outside dinner at La Stalla.  Notice the street sign.  We had fun.  


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