Sunday, October 18, 2020

Painting Pumpkins

It's Sunday night.  We really want the kids in school all 5 days and the vote is this week but it's not looking very likely.  One of the high schools is currently closed because there are 10 cases.  They say the 2 day a week is safer because they can social distance the kids more but there is no proof it makes a difference.  Anyway, back to last Saturday.

Ariel got a haircut before cheer.

Then it was game time!

Going up!

Ariel is in the pyramid!
The cheering section.  With have to bribe the boys with treats from the snack bar to come.  
Some dancing.  Still having technical difficulties so I can't post any videos.  

Some closeups.  

Good jump baby!

The boys played a little.  

The team basset hound.  
We then went to Gaspers to get Halloween decorations.  Eli really wanted them.  We ran into Todd and Ali.

Such fun stuff!
Funnel cake time!
We painted pumpkins.  
The boys took it very seriously.  
Fish all around us!
I made it into a picture!

Fun times.  That night we went to Jaime and Abby's house and ate outside under their heat lamps.  It was nice to catch up.  


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