Wednesday, October 28, 2020

That's One Huge Steak

It's Wednesday night and Aden's football season is over.  They were down the whole game and almost made a comeback.  Oh well.  Aden should be proud.  He played well this season even though he was annoyed the coach wouldn't let him be the quarterback.  The mudroom is moving very quickly.  They want to finish it by Friday.  That will be 5 days.  It took them 3 weeks to do the neighbors!  

Last Wednesday we woke up to Ariel sleeping on our bench.  
The trees are changing colors!
Ariel attended virtual school in her costume.  
I thought this was funny.  
Back to football.  Here's a nice picture of the team.  
Not sure why I didn't take many pics.  
I was more interested in the clouds!

After the game, we met Amy, Ariel and Noah at Mara's house to meet their new puppy.  Eli stayed home with Heather as far away from the dog as possible!
Meet Maggie!  She's a little goldendoodle.  Their first dog!  I think they are in shock.  
Of course we travel in costume.  

Such a cutie.  
So this is the alcove in the garage that I finally agreed to turn into a mudroom.  Then the cleaning started.  
Thursday morning all the neighborhood kids headed back to school.  
Aden had tennis.  
It was my mom's 29th birthday!  We went to dinner at Rocco's in Newtown.  Luckily it was a nice night.  
We opened presents.  
Then dinner arrived.  Mom and I shared a tomahawk steak!  
That's some bone.  It fed both of us and Aden finished it the next day!
We had fun.  
Happy Birthday!!!

Of course the boys were still up when we got back.  Yes, we didn't take them.  We wanted to enjoy ourselves!
Practicing spelling before bed.  


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