Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Smoked Brisket for Yom Kippur

It's Tuesday night.  The nights are getting very chilly.  I made a nice fire and a bunch of the neighbors came over.  I have to try and get some outdoor heat lamps.  They are hard to get as everyone wants them.  Last Monday was Yom Kippur.  I had been wanting to smoke a brisket but it needs so much attention and time it's hard to do it.  I knew this day I would be just laying around all day as I fast so I figured I would give it a try.  I watched dozens of videos on how to do this so I was ready.  First, I layered the dry rubs.  Salt, pepper and garlic.  Then bold brisket seasoning, then Montreal seasoning which is more salt and pepper but bigger chunks for texture.  
Got the smoker going at 250 then let her go.  
It's about an hour a pound and this flat was about 5 pounds.  After a couple of hours, I threw in the thermometer.  
This was still early.  Ariel had a milkshake for breakfast.  
The twins practiced their letters.  
Once the brisket hits 160, it stops moving up for a while.  This is called the stall.  At this point, you need to wrap it in either foil or butcher paper.  Wrapping it stops it from getting and smokier and lets it reabsorb the moisture that's around it.  The foil is more air tight and makes the brisket a little softer.  The butcher paper breathes a little and lets the outside of the brisket get a little harder.  I opted for harder.  I wanted a nice bark. 
I studied up on how to wrap it.  I think I got it ok.  I put a little beef stock and brisket mop sauce in their too.  
The kids played.  I wasn't very hungry.  I did ok not eating.  
Once it's over 200, it's time to take it off and put in a cooler for a couple of hours.  This allows the juices to settle in evenly.  
Still with that milkhake!
Everyone started coming over to break the fast.  Amy's mom brought the traditional lox and bagels.  
I carved up a brisket!
Look at that smoke ring and all the juice.  
It actually came out great!  Aden gave it a 10!
Time to eat!  That first meal after fasting is always so satisfying.  
After cooking all day, I needed to play with the dog.  

Honey and the moon.  

That was a long day.  
The kids played way into the night.  
Here's a sad note to end the day.  


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