Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Lion's Pride Park

Sorry, I made this last night and forgot to post it.  

Last Sunday, Amy went with a couple of the neighbors for a day long shopping trip.  Ariel went to Hebrew School then to Ashley's house.  Aden did his own thing.  I had to entertain the boys.  I went to Twin Oaks Day Camp in Warrington growing up.  It closed years ago and became a public park.  I heard they just finished a new playground so off we went.  
There are still some buildings left from the camp.  This was the cafeteria.  Brought back memories!
The boys were so excited to play.  It was an amazing place.  

They built a huge hill for it to sit against.

Huge slide.  
Of course the boys made friends and they were all racing down the slide.  

Rope ladder.

They wanted to check out the older play set.

The original tennis courts from camp are still there!
Resting on a hammock!
I checked in on Ariel.  She was having fun at Ashley's.
Back to Lion's Pride Park.

Eli lost his shoe!

We played some music.  

Then I wanted to walk down to the old camp lake.  On the way there, we spotted the old horse stables.  
And the lake, which was fenced off.  Wow.  I hadn't been to that lake in 30 years!

Amy was busy shopping.  She didn't come back till around 8.  I had a very nice dinner waiting for her!
Some more pics from Ariel's day.  I didn't get her till like 6.  
Jealous.  They got in some pool time.  In October!


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