Monday, October 19, 2020

Smokin Some Wings

It's a chilly Monday night.  Aden played really well at his football game tonight.  I'm going to knock this out so I can go to bed.  Last Sunday, I dropped off Ariel at Hebrew School.  What a production.  We have to wait in line.  Four cars at a time line up.  They ask questions about your covid exposure through the windows and then take temperatures.  That's the rabbi with the blue mask.  
The classes are spread out around the parking lot.  

Have fun Ariel!
It was time for another Eagles loss.  
The twins didn't care.  
I smoked some chicken wings.  
I was so excited to try different recipes that I made 4 different kinds.  
The twins never got out of their pajamas.  
Let's work on the letter G!
The wings are almost done.  They took a few hours.  
Ariel went pumpkin picking with Hebrew school.

Ariel had fun.  
The 4 different style wings are done!
We made brownies.  Still in pjs.  
Alex came over to play that night.  
The girls did some great drawing.  

Noah practiced his kid writing.  
I caught an episode of the Goldbergs I hadn't seen.  The people from Cheers! I was so excited.  


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