Thursday, October 15, 2020

Happy Birthday Jake

Today was a wonderfully warm day.  I took a ride to the shore to bring in our outside furniture.  It's also Thursday night!  Woo hoo!

Back to last Thursday.  This so describes my kids.  
A little tumbling before school.  
I walked Ariel over to her friend's house.  She got to try out the new bag that mommy got her.  

By girls, have fun!
Then the boys went to school and got their temperatures checked.  
After school Ariel came up the path.  
Then collapsed!
Tennis for Aden.  
Then Rachel came for cheer practice.  

Good flying Ariel!
Honey and her family came for dinner.  

I didn't take any pics but I smoked a whole chicken.  Again Mark and I loved it, Amy and Melissa were not thrilled.  Amy says she's tired of me smoking things already!
Heather kpet Eli upstairs and away from Honey!

Cheer practice.  
Friday morning.  Off to school again.  
That night we had Jake's 4th birthday party a few door down.  

It's nice hanging with the neighbors.  
The kids all played well together, from 4 to 13.  
They even got a fire going.  
It was pretty warm out.  
They played hide and seek.  

Happy Birthday Jake!
Eden called that night to say good night!  Have a great weekend!


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