Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Hugs From My Girl

It's Wednesday night.  Just got back from a flag football game. Didn't need a jacket, which is great, but they lost, which isn't.  These are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Speaking of lousy sports teams.
Tuesday morning we had some toast.  
After school, we did some art projects.  
They spent a lot of time sharpening pencils.  
We finished off the brisket.  Wow that was good.  
Not sure what Eli was doing here.  

Practicing our O's.
All of Ariel's stuffed animals and I listened to Ariel read a book.  She did a great job.  Ariel's lovey kept asking questions though.  
This was Wednesday after work.  Now that's a great greeting.
My silly girl.  
The twins discovered you can watch tv on the Amazon Echo.  

I think they were in a boat.  
See ya boys.  
It's great, not, when they take out the science experiments.  


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