Tuesday, February 1, 2022

A Limo Ride for Eli

Last Monday and Tuesday is when I was the sickest.  Mostly aches and congestion.  Amy walked the kids Monday morning.  
The kids prefer to drive, but it's actually quicker to walk. The drop off line gets long.  
The James Webb Space Telescope made it to its position 30 days after launch.  Yes, I checked every day to see how far it got.  I can't believe we have to wait until the summer to see the first pictures.  
That night, we didn't have a sitter and I felt sick so we put Ariel in charge of the twins.  
She ran a gymnastics class.  

Then did her own back walkovers.  

Coach Serina created a monster.  She only wants to do back walkovers now.  

Some Uno before bed.  
Last Tuesday the boys had homework.  
Amy made my famous breaded chicken.  I gave her a few pointers but she did a great job.  
Look at this.  Aden and Ariel playing with Noah.  
Eli wanted to make a butterfly.
Ariel brought me dinner in bed.  
Eli came in to ask me something.  
He wants a limo ride to his birthday party!

Watching the Amazing Race.  It's amazing they were able to do it with Covid.  


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