Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Valentine's Day

It's Tuesday night.  Nothing too exciting to report.  The kids were back at school after the long President's Weekend.  Last Monday was Valentine's Day!  I was in the spirit.
Here's the card I got Amy.  I thought it was perfect!
We had a very nice lunch at Rocco's.  No sitter to go out at night.
While we were there, Eli, Noah and Ariel had their parties at school.  These pics were posted on Facebook.  


Someone at the gym was so upset there wasn't a mirror here, that they made an Instagram page with pictures of all the other mirrors in the gym and wondering why there wasn't one here.  I found the page by accident and thought it was amusing.  The owner of the gym finally saw the page and immediately had them put up this sign.  He was embarrassed.  
That night we had to have a heart shaped pizza.  
Who you looking at Eli?
Noah really wanted to learn to solve the Rubik's cube.  
Last Tuesday, it was cooooold!
I went and picked the kids up from school.  I made them walk home!

They were starting to replace the path.  
I had guitar and Noah had piano.  
Dr. Eli was back on duty.  
Nothing like leftover heart pizza.  
I made fajitas.  Just like they do at Chili's.  The secret is soy sauce!
They played Jumanji.  I think that's a little scary!


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