Monday, February 14, 2022

Aden Bakes!

Today was Valentine's Day.  Amy and I went out for a nice lunch.  The kids had their parties at school.  We had lots of cards and candies at home.  Back to last Sunday.  The boys ended up in Ariel's bed while she was getting up.  
I took the kids to Hebrew school.  Ariel had that then cheer.  That day Fionna had a competition.  She didn't participate but her arm is healed enough, she will be able to cheer at the next one.  
After Hebrew, we worked on Valentine's Day boxes.  

They have pizza for pretty much every meal.  
Aden wanted to make banana bread.  He did most of it!
Ariel got all dressed up and we met my parents at Friends for dinner.  
It was nice to get out.  
We made some snowflakes before bed.  
Monday morning, Eli wanted some cereal.  
That night, Ariel had her private with Coach Serina.  I had never been in there when the place was in full swing.  There were several teams practicing, along with open gym and tumbling classes.  
Ariel worked on her back handspring.

We watched one of the teams do their full routine.  So good!


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