Thursday, February 3, 2022

Back Handspring Next

It's Thursday night.  Another week.  Back to straightening the house for the cleaning lady.  We have the world's worst washer and dryer.  The dryer is running now and I can't stand the noise and I can't concentrate.  I also can't stop coughing.  It's day 12.  It's enough already.  Back to last Friday.  

I drove the kids to school.  It was snowing!

It was a scheduled half day.

The teacher sent this during the day.  
After school, we were expecting a really big snowstorm.  Eli helped me put out the posts on the edges of the driveway.  
Eli was all about Halloween.  He was planning a haunted house in the basement.  
Yes, it was Halloween in January.  
Ariel had Airborne practice then had a private with Coach Serina.  
Since she has her back walkover, a back handspring is next.  Serina showed her some new techniques.  

A team was practicing.  

Have a great weekend!


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