Sunday, February 20, 2022

Eli and Noah's Bowling Party

Last Saturday was Eli and Noah's 7th birthday!  They got up excited.  Amy and Ariel had hidden their presents all over the house.  It was a fun scavenger hunt.  
We read cards and opened presents all morning.  
Then Aden had basketball.  
They were down by 20 at the half.  Came back and won in overtime!
Then tennis. 
Then Eli and Noah's birthday party at Bowlero. 
We invited the whole class.  We had, I think, just under 20 kids.  Some of the parents just left the kids!
The pizza was yummy.  

We finally got to meet some of the kids in their class.  

Nice spread.

Hey Nate!
Dessert time!

The kids got a little crazy.  
Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Then we played video games.  
Time for some birthday shots.  
Big boys!
Back home to open presents.  

Even Honey helped.  
Giulz slept over.  
Aden showed us his map of the world Legos.
It was pretty chaotic.  
Aden even helped Ariel do a handstand!
It's our baby Yoda princess!


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